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Rugby coach volunteering in India, Sri Lanka & China

An Overseas Rugby Coaching Initiative

Rugby is one of the world's fastest growing sports and in all its forms is increasingly played by large numbers of people throughout the world. The professional 15s teams gain much publicity, especially at times of important events such as the Rugby World Cup, but the 7s version and Touch Rugby are fast gaining ground with literally thousands of dedicated players and followers, especially youngsters, already involved.

 Once it was pointed out to us during our travels abroad that coaches are always in short supply to support and encourage these youngsters, which is especially true in countries where rugby is still a very new sport, our interest was piqued and we had to help.


If you… play rugby.

If you... have coaching experience.

If you…. enjoy foreign travel.

Would you …. enjoy providing encouragement to youngsters who could be the rugby stars of the future?

If so …. why not play a part in developing rugby internationally?

We like to be more than tour operators and as we are based in Wales where rugby is the national sport (OK, so we have a great national football team too) it follows that Wales is the natural place to look to when trying to identify those who would be willing to travel to various countries to share their rugby experience and coaching skills to encourage these ambitious youngsters to improve their rugby skills and knowledge of the game.

For our part, and as long established tour operators, we can assure you that time spent in a foreign country will provide you with an unforgettable and life enhancing experience.

Anyone volunteering to become involved in the rugby coaching Initiative will be staying in good basic accommodation and will be able to spend time experiencing life as it is lived by local people.

Ex-pats who have given over their lives to helping the youngsters will generally be on hand to provide extra support.

One certain outcome will be that those involved will receive heartfelt thanks and appreciation for all your efforts and undoubtedly life long friendships will be forged.

This is a voluntary Initiative but one which lends itself to volunteers seeking sponsorship for themselves. It is not a holiday but you will be able to enjoy the chosen country in a way which will be as pleasurable as a holiday - perhaps more so.

The cost to you will be kept to a minimum and our bonding and insurance arrangements will provide you with an assurance that you will be fully protected the whole time you are abroad.

We are already in touch with Khelo Rugby in Kolkata, Goa Rugby in Goa and the Junglecrows Foundation and the charity HEAL (Health and Education for All) and Paradise Village in India, plus other rugby bodies including the Beijing Devils Rugby Club in China, all of whom are looking forward to welcoming volunteers spending time in their countries.

These are early days but we are receiving a lot of encouragement and word of this Initiative is fast spreading.

Naturally, as we are tour operators, we hope that this Initiative will encourage those individuals taking part and their family members and friends to experience the chosen country for themselves and as such we offer superb tours within those countries. We can also ‘tailor-make’ a tour to make sure that your time abroad will be exactly as you planned and hoped it would be.

If this page has found you requiring more information, or, you would like to become involved with this initiative, please look at our International Rugby Coaching Initiative website.

We look forward to hearing from you.