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One of our directors, an orchid grower himself, is the man at NEI (UK) responsible for our decision to offer as wide a selection of orchid related tours as possible.  Our eventual aim is to arrange such tours to every country where orchids grow, but for the time being we are happy to offer tours to Sikkim in northern India, Kerala in southern India, Sabah in Malaysian Borneo, peninsular Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka.

We have also operated escorted tours to the past three World Orchid Conferences.

Orchids can be seen growing in the wild, in national and private collections; commercial growers will be visited,

where this is possible and botanical collections made available for study.

Where it can be arranged, we will also have social evenings with the local orchid societies.                                               

All tours will be accompanied by knowledgeable local guides who already have a particular interest in orchids, or who have been specially trained in the subject.

We do not expect you to 'rough it' on one of these tours - it isn't necessary.

Whilst orchids do not mind what we have to do to see them, we believe that such tours should be as comfortable as possible.  We cannot guarantee five star hotels throughout all the tours, but we will always use the very best available hotels at each location, to provide you with comfort at the end of a day orchid hunting.

All our orchid tours also include a good amount of free time and day tours which are not related to orchids.  

We understand that your partner may not be as interested in orchids as you, so we allow plenty of non-orchid activities for them, too!   

This way you both get an enjoyable holiday.

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Many thanks to some of our orchid friends who have given us links from their site to ours.  

We are very happy to return the favour.

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