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Costa Rica

Variety is what makes Costa Rica an exciting country to visit.

Let us show you why!

Costa Rica,located in Central America,

has coastlines on both the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean, offering two completely different aspects.

We have a great variety of exciting ready-made holidays and

'Tailor-made' tours which will meet your requirements

and excede your expectations.

Whether it's a honeymoon, or, a two-week holiday, we can arrange all hotel reservations, transportation, tours and outdoor activities.

We offer traditional and specialised itineraries in Costa Rica.

If you want a tailor made holiday, we can help you plan an exciting trip. You pay no extra charges or fees for our services. We put our knowledge to work to make your Costa Rica holiday the best it can be.

All our packages can be modified, according to your needs and specific requirements.

Unique in our travel concept is that you can choose to travel in your own self-drive car, or by using a Shuttle Bus Service running back and forward on 52 established routes all over Costa Rica.

Using airconditioned buses you'll have comfort and security to almost every interesting spot around Costa Rica.

If you prefer to drive yourself, that is easy.   Driving in Costa Rica allows total freedom of movement. You can cover a lot of ground fairly quickly and you can stop and sightsee wherever you want.

We know that to enjoy this beautiful country, you need the right car and support from a reliable company

Variety is what makes Costa Rica such an exciting place to visit.

Want to stroll down a palm-lined beach in the heat of the morning sun?

Paddle down a whitewater river lined with such gorgeous scenery that you can hardly keep your eyes on the rapids?

Focus your binoculars on such spectacular birds as the toucan and scarlet macaw?

Stand in awe at the foot of an active volcano?

Visit hot springs?   You can!!

Costa Rica is a place where you can do all the above, and more! No matter which of the country's abundant attractions hold your interest, its natural beauty and friendly citizens are sure to make your stay in Costa Rica an unforgettable one.

A 14 day ‘self drive’ tour could include all the following exciting places and activities.

Discover white sandy beaches, miles of coconut groves, tranquil clear seas and coral reefs.

Visiting the rainforest and wildlife in Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge, you come to understand that this is among the most important wetlands in the Americas!  You will discover active volcanoes and end this trip at the beach in Manuel Antonio, a splendid combination of nature experience and beach fun!

Cahuita's main attractions are its white sandy beaches, miles of coconut groves, tranquil clear seas and coral reefs. If you enjoy snorkelling, hiking and dolphin-viewing this is the perfect spot for you!

Sarapiqui is one of the most famous areas for bird watching. Wild water rafting is also a great option in this area.

Wildlife and boat tours and vast wildlife concentration, places Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge among the most important wetlands in the Americas. Visit on a comfortable boat the channels and lagoons, home of more than 350 bird species and mammals such as monkeys.

Arenal volcano is the most active volcano in Costa Rica and you may be able to observe the red lava. This almost perfect cone, soars 1,633 metres above sea level.

Manuel Antonio is a splendid combination of nature experience and beach fun! Take a walk through the tropical forest park, where you will find the famous wildlife Costa Rica is known for - monkeys, sloths and lots of birds among others and then relax and enjoy the gorgeous beaches.

Call us today and talk through all the options for your perfect Costa Rica holiday.

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