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Holidays in India

Our sister company specialising in holidays to India, Bangladesh, Nepal and Tibet.  You can't find a better service - or prices!

UK Passport Agency

Check if your passport is up to date and other useful information relating to passports and travel.

UK Foreign Office

Described by them as the essential travel information guide for travellers - and it is.

MASTA The Medical Advisory Service for Travellers Abroad.  Here you can find information on vaccinations you should have and any new outbreaks of infections and diseases in all parts of the world.

Holidays in Borneo  

If our website has whetted your appetite, then you should take a look at our sister company website.  They have been specialists in holidays in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo for longer than just about any other UK tour operator and if they can't give you the holiday you want in Borneo, then you probably won't find it anywhere.

Travel Trust Association

This site will tell you all about our bonding and how it works to protect you, your money and your holiday

Chortens Tibetan Mastiffs   If you are interested in visiting Tibet then you might well be interested in its flora and fauna.  This site is devoted to Tibet's big dog - the Tibetan Mastiff.

Unique Indian Hotels    If you are planning on travelling to India, whether on holiday or business, at NEI UK we will be happy to make all your arrangements and bookings for you.  But, if you are just investigating possibilities at the moment, then this web site may be of help to you. It is new and just growing, but does have a lot of information on individual hotels already - and they are all unique in one way or another, rather than part of the huge chain hotels.

The Orchid Site    We offer orchid based tours and this could well be why you are at our site in the first place.  If orchids are your 'thing', then you might appreciate a good and interesting orchid site, which is why we have included this one in our links page.  It has a lot of information of all types, from the orchids themselves to everything associated with them.  Worth a visit, if orchids are one of your main interests.

Himalayan Gardens   An Indian plant specialist which supplies to the UK and Europe.  If you are looking for some different plants for your garden, this could be a great place to look. They also own an orchid nursery and gardens which we visit on our Himalayan Orchid tour.

Fly 2 Wales Info Site      If you are coming to the UK, rather than flying out for your holiday, this site will give you a huge amount of information on our home country, Wales. From activities and things to do, places to see, places to stay, you name it and you will find it here. An invaluable source for information on Wales.

True Hair Stylists    If you do visit our lovely country and need to have your hair cut or styled whilst in Swansea, Wales’ second city, then there is nowhere better than True Hair.