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After the initial contact from you, which will usually be by telephone or email, we will begin the important process of establishing what type of holiday you would like us to arrange for you. You will have seen from our various websites that we do have a large number of set tours, the majority of which are unique and have been devised by us, but we know from experience that many of our clients will be looking for a tailor-made holiday to suit their individual needs. Arranging superb tailor-made holidays is something we have been doing for over 25 years. We always look forward to doing this and talking with our clients, many of whom return to us time and again.

Naturally booking a set tour is straightforward but if you opt for a tailor-made holiday you should expect us to ask quite a few questions. The reason for this is that only by getting down to the nitty gritty will we be able to fully appreciate what places you want to visit and things you want to see.

We are sure that by looking at our set tours, if you have not already decided upon an itinerary, you will be able to get an idea of what you would like to do and what it is possible to do. By letting us know, we can then advise you about the logistics of arranging a tour to comply with your wishes.

We will have to touch upon the delicate matter of your budget. Our holidays are at the luxury end of the scale but obviously tailor-made holidays will be priced to reflect the actual holiday you decide upon. In these days of fluctuating exchange rates it might be possible for  our local agents - known as Destination Management Companies (DMC) to obtain better rates at some hotels than had earlier been quoted. If this is the case, this saving will be passed on to you and be reflected in the final balance due.

We will talk to you about the type of hotel you will be happy staying at. Nowadays we expect everyone to check out hotels on Trip Advisor or similar sites or perhaps the hotel's own website. We realise that this will tempt some to think they can arrange everything themselves but please bear in mind that hotel bookings made from a distance can go wrong and prices will be higher than if booked through us. It is often the case that government taxes, which have to be paid on top of the room charge, are not made clear on some websites. This leads to confusion over the actual cost of your stay at the hotel. It is not always easy to compare holidays on a 'like for like' basis, but that is the only way what we offer you, can be compared with another holiday which might appear cheaper. Cheaper is not always best. It is also necessary to bear in mind what assistance will be available to you should anything go wrong.

Hotels, however, are only one aspect of a holiday, albeit a very important one. The whole holiday and its smooth running is just as important. Being in a unknown country and trying to arrange things locally can be very problematical and frustrating. It is better to leave it to the experts -us- and in the long term it will be more cost effective.

Once your holiday itinerary has been agreed we will then need to know if you would like us to arrange international or domestic flights to and within the country(ies) you will be visiting. We are always happy to arrange flights whenever we can and we will do this through consolidators in the UK for international flights. Domestic flights will generally be booked in the destination country. If we arrange international flights it will be necessary for them to be paid for as soon as they are booked.

Due to flight timings it might occasionally be necessary to vary an itinerary to take into account those flights. Perhaps the chosen and most convenient flight arrives early in the morning or departs late at night and this will involve an extra night at a hotel.

We invariably recommend that our clients do not depart for their home country on the day they complete their itinerary. We will always get you to your departure city the day before. This prevents problems arising over unforeseen delays which could result in a missed flight.

At this point no bookings will be made but enquiries will have been made about room availability at the chosen hotels. Any suggestions or comments are based on the most recent knowledge of the destination(s) or hotels will be notified to you to make sure that you are happy with the suggested itinerary.

As soon as the whole itinerary has been agreed and flight details known, we will confirm everything to you by email (or a letter) and will ask you for a deposit to secure the booking. Once this has been received we will immediately contact the chosen hotels and make firm bookings with them. We will also arrange transport and anything incidental to providing a service in your chosen country.

Although all the arrangements will have been made at this point we will take an active interest in how your holiday is progressing once you have reached your destination. Our local offices pride themselves on their attention to detail and an ability to make sure that the holiday proceeds as planned. They will maintain contact with you on a regular basis and should you need to contact them we will have provided you with their contact details.  In the unlikely event that something does go wrong you can notify us but you should always contact the local representative for they are more able to react immediately to resolve any problems locally.

Once you have returned to the UK or your home country, we hope you will feel that you have enjoyed the experience of travelling with us. Indeed we shall look forward to arranging your next holiday. We do have a wide portfolio of destinations but if there is somewhere or something you particularly want to see or do, please get in touch for we might be able to help.

And finally, a request. By reading this far it will be clear that our whole rationale is and always has been, to arrange the very best tailor-made holidays or tours for our clients. In the process of doing this we spend as much time as is necessary working on the itinerary to make sure it is exactly what you want. However we are not alone in this endevour and always work closely with our overseas partners who also will spend their time getting everything right. If, for some reason, our efforts to produce your itinerary, do not meet with your approval and you decide to book your holiday elsewhere, that is fine but we would appreciate receiving a short email to that effect. If you would like to tell us why this is, then that would be appreciated. But we do feel a responsibility to people who work hard on our, and your, behalf and we feel we owe it to them to be able to tell them to close their file. We shall be grateful to you for your consideration about this.