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India is now a very important location for UK businesses

hoping to market their products or conduct business in that vast country.

It is essential for anyone considering doing business in India to ensure that visits proceed as smoothly as possible and meetings are conducted in a competent and business-like manner.   

From our long experience of conducting business in India we know how important it is to have ‘face to face’ contact and to make that all important good first impression.  Arriving at an important meeting flustered and ill at ease is never a good idea and that is why we believe we offer a service which will ensure that your whole time in India is stress free, enjoyable and ultimately, successful and productive.

For many companies and individuals who have no experience of India, doing business there can be fraught with difficulties and it can seem like a daunting proposition.  Many things can intervene to throw that proverbial spanner in the works, such as a missed appointment.  Not only can this cause embarrassment, it is stressful and can result in a lost opportunity to make that good first impression.  But it need not be like this.  By allowing us to assist with your plans, you can be assured that we will look after you and your colleagues from the moment you step outside your arrival airport in India, until you return home. You will then be able to relax and concentrate on the reason for you being in India. You can feel certain that you are not alone and all necessary support is at hand whenever you need it. We can help make sure you achieve a successful trip and provide the very best impression of you and your company.  In the process we will relieve you of the stress associated with travelling abroad and trying to conduct business at the same time.

Once we are aware of your requirements we can help you plan your time in India. We can arrange your international flights - at very competitive rates - book the very best business hotels which will be as near as possible to the location at which your meetings will be held: there is no point in you being placed in a hotel many miles away from where you need to be for your meeting and requiring a time consuming car ride. And naturally we will arrange all necessary transport and transfers while you are in India. We will even arrange for your company logo to be prominently displayed on the vehicle you will be using.

We will arrange for a specially selected English speaking driver to meet you as you leave the airport's arrival hall and drive you to your chosen hotel to recover from the flight.  Your driver will have made sure that everything is in order before leaving you.  He will also be available at pre-agreed times to escort you to and from any meetings. To make sure you can contact your driver and keep in touch, we will provide you with his mobile phone number and a sim card for you to use in your phone.

We fully understand that plans and circumstances can change and for that reason our local office will keep in regular touch with you, or you can contact them if your plans do change suddenly.  In that way any necessary changes can be effected with the least possible interruption to your itinerary.

Our sole intention is for you to enjoy peace of mind and for your business trip to turn out successfully.

If as a result or in the anticipation of a job well done, you decide to spend more time in India, we will be happy to arrange for you to see more of this fascinating country and possibly even, explore new business opportunities. And when you feel that a  Conference or MICE travel for your company is needed we will be ready to help you with this, too.