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"NEI “ stands for Nature Expeditions India which is where our first holidays were based. We maintain our association with NEI in Delhi, still offering holidays to India and now also to exciting destinations including Nepal, Tibet, Malaysian Borneo and Singapore, Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia - and our very special orchid related and ‘tailor made’ tours.

As a small company we are able to adjust our suggested itineraries to suit individual traveller’s needs and requirements and offer you a truly personal service, which is a distinct advantage over the large package tour operators who are rigid in their outlook. Our ‘tailor-made’ service is second to none - and we do not charge a premium for making these arrangements for you.

All our tours are undertaken in an environmentally friendly way, to ensure that we and our clients make little or, preferably, no detrimental impact on the places we visit.

Glossy brochures are expensive to produce and very wasteful, which goes against our concern for the environment.  Also, of course, they have to be paid for and the only way we can do this is to increase the cost of our holidays to you.  Our feeling is that our computer generated literature is comprehensive and gives you an honest description of our holidays - no glitzy pictures and overly flowery prose, just facts!   Those who travel with NEI appreciate our efforts to minimise costs and prefer us to concentrate on creating the holidays they want.

All credit card companies charge high commissions to travel companies.  By usually taking payment only by cheque or bank transfer, we can keep our prices low and pass on the savings to you, our clients.  (We can take payment by credit card, by prior arrangement and with a 3% surcharge)

NEI (UK) Ltd  is a registered ATOL (T7079) holder with the Civil Aviation Authority, in full compliance with the EU and UK government's rules and regulations on package holidays.  We are also a member of the Travel Trust Association (no. T7965) and your money is fully protected in full compliance with the current UK/EU directives on financial protection for clients of Tour Operators & Travel  Agents.  

NEI (UK) always uses scheduled airlines and never charter companies.

NEI (UK) will always accommodate you in good standard hotels which give a flavour of  the country you are visiting.  In India, these can be converted palaces and forts, or, old British Raj hotels and guest houses.  Occasionally, only modern hotels are available in a given location and we select the best of those.  In South East Asia and the South Pacific, modern hotels and facilities are the norm.  

Whatever the accommodation we use, it will always provide good facilities and value for money. (Full details are given in our literature)

General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

We will always treat you and your personal information with due respect and maintain our current principles of ethical business practice which have stood us in good stead for over 25 years.

They are the principles we have always worked by, instigating only communications necessary for the performance of our duties in providing you with great holidays and is why we receive such positive feedback.

In brief this means:

We will always treat you in a way we would expect to be treated ourselves.

We promise to store your information securely.

We have never and will never sell your details to any other company.

You have the right to see, amend, object or delete personal information.

The information we ask from you will be your name(s); a contact postal address; a contact telephone number(s); dates of birth if we are arranging your international and/or domestic flights and/or train journeys in your holiday country.  Any of this information will only be shared with those who require it to be able to carry out their duties for you.

This information is held within our offices, either on a secure computer or as a printed document, which is stored in a secure office cabinet.  By law we have to hold details of our business for 6 years plus the current year to conform to HMRC regulations, but after the year in which you travel your information will be held in a secure archive separate from our office.

If you have a question, or, wish to update your information then please email us at:  or  give us a call on (44) 01269 823355.